List Comprehension in Python

Every now and then we come across List and Dict operations in our code. Python gives great syntactical sugar to work with List and Dicts.

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Whether it is initializing a new list or transforming an existing list, list comprehension is often very handy.

Consider the following code:

Now we want to capitalize the fruit names. Instead of writing multi liner for loops like this

We can achieve the same thing in a single liner with Python’s list comprehension:

This is awesome. The syntax to remember is:

output = [expression for item in collection]
output = [doSomething() for var in list]

Let’s look at a few more examples:

Performance Comparison:

Python List comprehension is generally much faster than normal for loops. Here is a comparison of the same:

For loop vs List Comprehension


List Comprehension is a powerful and beautiful tool available in Python for developers, also comes with great efficiency.

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